Graves-Chapple Tours Benefit Farmers

By Ronelle Williams |

Published 08/26 2014 05:07PM

Updated 08/26 2014 11:12PM

(ROCK PORT, Mo.)  Farmers from across the region gathered at the Graves-Chapple Research and Demonstration Center Tuesday for their annual field day.  It was a day filled with learning efficient ways of crop management.

"It's a good time to get together to network with other farmers and gain a little bit of insight on productivity," said Dan Stanton who attended the field day.

Farmers from near and far took tours to find the best ways of maximizing revenue such as pest management and water quality.

"Just by attending some of these sessions and listening to the presenters they're able to glean information that they can use on their own farms to improve their operations," said Graves-Chapple Superintendent Jim Crawford.

A grower of soybeans and white corn, Dan Stanton didn't hesitate to take advantage of the sessions.

"I've known some of the researchers out here for a long time, the farmers around here.  There's always an opportunity to talk about white corn and that's what we like to do, raise good quality white corn," said Stanton.

Farmers also share some of their own findings with the presenters.

"When something works well and something's very productive everybody wants to try the same thing.  So what'll end up happening is somebody will have success with something, they'll tell everybody about it, everybody else will then copy them and do the same thing.  And they kind of work together and network in that way," said Crawford.

Graves-Chapple isn't just working for the present but also the future.

"We would like to educate the youth because in 15 or 20 years these youth are gonna be the ones active in politics, that are gonna be voting and things like that.  And we want them to have a better understanding of exactly what agriculture is aside from that 15 second soundbyte that they get off of Facebook," said Crawford.

About 160 people attended the field day.  Graves-Chapple has it every year on the fourth Tuesday in August.

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