Heat Causes Problems on MO Highways

Published 08/26 2014 06:12PM

Updated 08/26 2014 11:12PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The Missouri Department of Transportation is warning motorists who drive along Missouri highways to be on the lookout for pavement blow-ups.

Blow-ups, happen when pavement expands because of high temperatures and humidity. If there's already a crack in the road the two pieces will push together and pop-up.

"You'll see pieces or chunks of concrete and they're jagged edges so that's what a lot of times what you'll see is either a vehicle may drag if they're really really severe or they may blow out a tire," said MoDOT engineer, Mike Schupp.

Steve Snapp, manager of Anderson Quicklane says he's never seen anything like this before in his shop but says the damage they could cause looks serious, "From what I'm seeing, you wouldn't wanna hit one of these because it looks like your car will partially fall in this thing."

MoDOT crews are working to fix them as soon as they're reported. They're using a temporary repair to fill the spots similar to pot holes. Modot says the problem with blow-ups is that they can happen at any given time and for some drivers hitting them may be unavoidable.

"It'll happen very suddenly, I mean it'll just be just boom like that and you might see it buckle," added Schupp.

If you believe you may have hit something in the road, it's better to have it checked out instead of waiting.

"A little adjustment now could save you a set of tires down the road and tires are expensive you know, they get up to a thousand dollars," added Snapp.

They're haven't been many reports of blow-ups in Northwest Missouri but they're still encouraging drivers to watch out. They say they're most likely to happen on major highways with high volumes of traffic.

To report road concerns, call 1-888-ASK-MODOT.

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