KCP&L is Helping Communities Beat the Heat

By Ronelle Williams | rwilliams@kq2.com

Published 07/08 2014 04:44PM

Updated 07/08 2014 10:53PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The summer heat is sometimes unbearable but KCP&L is working to keep people cool through volunteers and donations.  Tuesday was a busy day of giveaways and generosity.

Since 2009, KCP&L'S fan giveaway has helped keep senior citizens and sick children comfortable during the heat of summer months.

"Just realizing that at times people have a hard time remaining cool during the hot seasons of the year and this is our effort as volunteers with KCP&L to give back to our communities that we serve," said Dan Hegeman of KCP&L.

For those without air conditioning, a fan can go a long way.

"People seem to be very appreciative of the fans.  They liked it, they enjoy the opportunity to move the air around and get a little cooling effect from the fans that we provide," said Hegeman.

Last year, 110 fans were delivered and that number has gone up.

"We're going to deliver 125 fans in the north district this year.  Which is St. Joseph, Maryville, and Trenton areas," said Hegeman.

Not everyone is able to get a fan but those who can't are put at the top of a list for the next time and are the first to receive one.

"We remember them.  Our motto here is we give it away for a smile.  So we don't ever charge for anything, everything is free.  So when we get blessed, we pass the blessing on," said Ruth Costello, Owner of Grace House.

KCP&L doesn't just give out fans, they are part of other efforts that go on throughout the year.

"KCP&L has been doing different things.  They bring jackets and coats and for back to school they bring a lot of shoes in, they bring laundry soap in.  A lot of different things," said Costello.

With shoes already coming in, Ruth is getting ready to pass on the next blessing.

"We're collecting brand new shoes for kids who have earned an A's and B's on their report card.  To give them the feeling that they've earned a new pair of shoes instead of just standing in line and getting a free pair shoes," said Costello.

KCP&L has a coat drive planned for the fall and they already have 60-80 coats collected.

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