Kids Learn About Science, Math at 'Super Science Saturday'

Published 02/08 2014 09:37PM

Updated 02/08 2014 10:48PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) More than 800 future scientists gathered at Missouri Western State University for 'Super Science Saturday.'

They experimented with fire, made gummy worms, and learned all about the elements on the periodic table.

"Hydrogen burns a lot more than Methane. And, Methane is just like a normal flame," said Jared Crabb.

Crabb, 9, was one of hundreds who learned about chemistry and all the things science has to offer at 'Super Science Saturday.'

"Carbon Dioxide is heavier than the regular air, which I pointed out," said Crabb.

Kids of all ages got hands-on experience in the science world.

"Really, it's [science] pretty enjoyable. Especially if you start at a young age and see all the places that it connects with what you do in your every day life," said Mike Ducey.

Ducey, who is over the Chemistry Department at Missouri Western, said 'Super Science Saturday' is meant to show kids that science isn't scary.

Experiments like this poking a wooden stick through a balloon, without popping it, allowed them to see a different side to things.

"It's cut off balloon top. You put it on top of the cup, which has the bottom of it cut off. So, you pull back on it, and it broke," explain Crabb.

Trial and error is an important part of science experiments.

Kids like Crabb, and his younger brother, got a chance to see that.

"I like to test out explosions and stuff," said Tate Webb.

Chemistry professors stressed not to try any of these experiments at home.

However, they said they're glad kids showed such excitement throughout the day.

This is the 14th year the St. Joseph Museums, and Missouri Western, have teamed up for 'Super Science Saturday.'

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