Kids Learn Gun Safety at Conceal, Carry Class

Published 04/20 2014 08:40PM

Updated 04/20 2014 09:04PM

(SAVANNAH, Mo.) The proper way to shoot a gun takes a lot more than aiming and pulling the trigger; It takes technique.

"Proper stance, proper grip, side alignment and trigger control," said Shawn Harper, Lead Instructor at ABC Handgun's Conceal and Carry Course.

More than 150 people were expected at the class Saturday afternoon. Harper said that was their largest crowd yet.

Among the class was a group of students not even old enough to drive.

"We teach them about gun safety when they are handling guns, but we teach them without supervision to stop, don't touch, leave the area and tell an adult," Harper said.

The 8-hour class focused on gun safety; what could happen if a gun isn't held correctly, and what to do when kids see a loaded gun around a house.

That's all 12-year-old Brycen Maggert wanted to know.

"It's very important because if they don't remember, they could end up getting hurt," Maggert said.

Despite his age, Maggert shot like a pro.

Although he knows the right way to use a gun, he said he won't touch it if he sees one lying around.

"Nobody can shoot it, or just get an adult," he said.

Harper stressed that message to all his students.

He said knowing the basics of gun safety could go a long way.

"Those little kids are going to remember me for a very long time, and I hope, especially, they remember what they learned," Harper said.

The class is mainly for those looking to obtain a carry permit. The next one is July 5.

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