LifeLine Foods Installs New Corn Mill

Published 03/27 2014 10:43PM

Updated 03/27 2014 10:55PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The doors of LifeLine Foods opened, on Thursday, for investors to see its latest item; a dry grain corn mill.

"We have the latest, most efficient newest technology from Buhler," said Matt Gibson, Vice President of LifeLine Foods, LLC.

Buhler is the leading manufacturing company for milling equipment, and their newest corn mill is right here in St. Joseph.

"There hasn't been any new corn mill built in the United States in decades," said Robin Venn, CEO of LifeLine Foods, LLC.

The corn mill is designed to break down the kernel of corn into different parts.

"You take the bran off in one direction, you take the germ in another, and you take the endosperm and that's what ground up into different corn mill products," said Gibson.

Then, the mill is turned into corn products like grits, snack meal, corn flour and corn meal.

"Hush puppies, corn bread. Other people use them to make cheese puffs, or you can use them to make into beer, or corn flakes," said Gibson.

The corn mill is a big deal for LifeLine Foods, and its investors.

"You won't see anything like this from a technology stand point, from a food safety standpoint. It's really more efficient, and clean, and safe," said Venn.

Last year, investors spent $8 million, and manufacturers wanted to show them where their money went.

"Celebrating them, and their money and commitment, to bringing us their corn and being the destination of choice," said Venn.

Manufacturers say having this corn mill in St. Joseph is a fabulous opportunity for the city, and the company's employees.

"We have a great corn supply. Our farmer members bring us our great corn that we turn into food," said Gibson.

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