Local Community Reacts to Shooting

Published 08/11 2014 06:16PM

Updated 08/11 2014 06:34PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.)  NAACP advocates in st. Joseph are meeting with other state leaders, pleading for a calm rally. They say the shooting is disturbing but retaliation and violence won't resolve matters.

After protests over the death of an unarmed teen turned violent, members of the St. Joseph community are speaking out.

Local NAACP leaders say they're upset about the incident and want justice served for Michael Brown. They believe the shooting was uncalled for.

"It doesn't take four bullets to stop no young man. They're trained, they have taser guns, they're trained to disarm people," stated Charles Triplett, president of the St. Joseph NAACP chapter.

Triplett says violence and hatred is not the answer. His hope is that the community not only comes together but stays together.

"Anytime something seriously happens, people always run come together and say we're gonna do this and do that. They'll come together for a little while then they disperse," added Triplett.

Missouri Western's Multicultural Department is also responding to the shooting. With so many African-American students enrolled at the university from St. Louis, they're doing everything they can to prevent racial tension from coming to campus.

"For us here at the university, we have to be ready to listen and help our students when they get here. That's gonna be my main goal," stated Latoya Fitzpatrick, multicultural education coordinator at the university.

Since brown was set to start college this fall, Fitzpatrick says the shooting raises eyebrows for many. She plans on taking extra steps to provide counseling for those who need it.

"It defiantly makes you think. When our African-American males get to college, we have to be there to listen, to look out, to help them succeed while they're here," added Fitzpatrick.

Triplett says when it's all said and done people should learn to show and give respect for everyone regardless of their race.

"If everybody on this earth was just like me then just what kinda earth would this earth be," said Triplett.

The St. Joseph NAACP plans to hold a vigil for Brown later this week. The Multicultural Department at Missouri Western also plans to have a discussion with students about the shooting when classes resume.

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