Local Man Looking for Good Samaritans That Saved His Life

By Jonathan Cooper | jcooper@kq2.com

Published 02/05 2014 05:47PM

Updated 02/05 2014 09:41PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A broken truck window is the only visible reminder that James Pierce has to his brush with death.

"They busted the back window out, opened the door so they could get me out," Pierce said, standing at his home, just released from the hospital.

On Sunday morning, Pierce was driving on I-229 to visit his daughter. He was about to exit at St. Joseph Avenue when he began to swerve his vehicle.

"All I remember is somebody pulled up beside me asking if I was okay, and the next thing I know I'm waking up in the hospital," he said.

Pierce had lost consciousness behind the wheel.

He later found out the driver that pulled up beside him was one of two drivers that stepped into help. One of the drivers got in front of the truck, while the other got behind it and gradually slowed Pierce's truck to a stop. They called paramedics, but when crews arrived at the scene, the two Good Samaritans left.

Pierce said nobody on the scene was able to get their names and because of his state of mind, Pierce said he would not be able to remember their faces if he saw them again.

Pierce has spent the past several days in the hospital getting tests to determine what caused him to lose consciousness. Doctors said it was either a seizure or low blood sugar, but haven't been able to determine just yet.

Looking back, Pierce knows things could have been much worse if it wasn't for those two drivers.

"There's good people out there," he said. "Somebody's looking out for you at all times."

He just wants his chance to thank them personally.

"Sure'd like to shake their hand," he said.

If you know of the two men, let us know by commenting below.

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