Artisans Demonstrate Spinning & Weaving

By Ronelle Williams |

Published 02/13 2016 04:59PM

Updated 02/13 2016 08:06PM

Artisans around the area gave some of their time to the Red Barn Yarn Farm Saturday.  They demonstrated weaving, carding wool, and spinning with a wheel.

"It also promotes their craft and just shows people where yarn comes from," said Store Owner Jenny Hudgens.

Hudgens says some of the yarn she sells is hand made.

"Some people still spin it themselves and they spin it on a wheel or a spindle," said Hudgens.

"It's fun, it's very relaxing," said Odell Burton.

Burton got into spinning and weaving by his wife 22 years ago.

"She stayed away from home a lot doing that so I wanted to see what the heck she was doing.  Not that she was messing up or anything but I wanted to see what kept her away from home so much and it's a pretty good thing.  I love it," said Burton.

Burton calls Saturday's unique event a learning experience and a look into the past.

"There were times way back in the day when everybody and their family had something to do with making the clothes.  If it wasn't shearing the sheep it was spinning the wool, combing the wool, or washing it," said Burton.

"It's kind of fun for them to be able to come in and see that done again and it's just an opportunity to learn how fabric is made, where yarn comes from and how it's made," said Hudgens.

The Red Barn Yarn Farm will be hosting a spinning class next week where you can learn how to spin wool into yarn.

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