Doniphan Co. Expanding Online Presence

New website, logo an effort to rebrand, attract business

By Alan Van Zandt |

Published 10/14 2016 06:47PM

Updated 10/15 2016 08:00PM

In Doniphan County, Kansas, they like to say they have the best soil in the world for agricultural and seed companies wanting to do business.

Also in touting economic development opportunities there, they promote their proximity to a strong workforce in St. Joseph and an extensive highway system nearby.

But to reach out to potential businesses looking for a home, they have to extend the reach of that message.

That's why county leaders are going to the worldwide web.

"I tell my clients now their biggest competition will be Amazon and online buying," said Teresa McAnerny, a facilitator for Northeast Kansas Enterprise Facilitation.

McAnerny's job is to assist growing businesses in five counties of rural northeast Kansas, giving them advice and help on being successful.

"Educating them on using technology as a tool to sell and not being afraid of it," she said.

McAnerny is currently assisting Doniphan County jumpstart its economic development office, which had been dormant for more than five years.

New director Adrienne Korson has placed a focus on bringing the county's outreach efforts into the 21st century.

"Part of that initiative has been to try and create more of an online presence in a growing digital age and making sure the county is keeping up to date with the innovations that are happening today like in the big cities so people recognize that we are here," Korson said.

Part of that effort includes a new county website and a new logo that features the area's reliance on agriculture and the Missouri River.

For a county that has just one weekly newspaper, currently in a print format only and not available online, the website itself will be used as a countywide resource.

"It includes a community event calendar, it has a discussion board," said Elizabeth Collins, CEO of Webcom Resources, the company enlisted to design the site. "We're really excited about using this communication across a larger area."

While smaller communities in the Midwest might not appear at first glance to be prime targets for business development and growth, county leaders are seeing it happen more and more.

McAnerny says new entrepreneurs to the area are people who grew up in the region but moved out to spread their wings and start families in bigger cities.

"A lot of millenials are coming back," she said. " Awesome people have started companies that are incredibly creative and they're great businesses. They've brought their kids home for the sole purpose of being close to their grandma and grandpa.

The new website has also been formatted to be smartphone accessible. To view the website, click here.

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