Maryville R-II Planning Building Upgrades if Bond Passes

By Jonathan Cooper |

Published 03/25 2014 12:33PM

Updated 03/25 2014 11:10PM

(MARYVILLE, Mo.) Physical changes may soon be coming to school buildings in Maryville.

Voters will decide on a bond issue April 8 that would give the Maryville School District $10.25 million to upgrade school buildings.

"Our goal is to be a model school district and the nuts and bolts of what we do is teaching kids and in the classroom, and that's the essence of what we do, but we also feel that facilities are an important part of that," said Superintendent Larry Linthacum.

The bond would not raise taxes in the city. The improvements are the third phase of a district-wide building project started in 1997.

"Seventeen years later, we've identified that it's still a need," Linthacum said.

Among the proposed changes, is a new cafeteria and commons area for Eugene Field Elementary. The district will also redesign the entrance to make it more secure.

Some of the biggest changes would happen at the high school. This includes a practice gymnasium and a new performing arts center.

"We turn our gym into a gymnatorium for our plays and musicals," Principal Jason Eggers said. "When it comes time for practicing and set up, it gets difficult because daily we are using it for P.E."

As of right now, the main entrance to Maryville High School is located on the east side of the building which is opposite the main road that runs in front of the high school. Under the new plan, they would move this entrance to the west side of the building, which would make it more visually appealing and they say help with security.

"Having a secure environment without having it locked down to where people aren't comfortable coming in is important and I feel like with this new entrance it will serve both purposes," Eggers said.

Maryville Middle School and Northwest Technical School will also be included in the project. If passed, construction would begin next fall.

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