Missouri American Listening to Complaints Over Water Bills

By Alan Van Zandt | avanzandt@kq2.com

Published 04/24 2014 10:40PM

Updated 04/25 2014 07:10AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Missouri American Water has been watching our stories on questionable bills and they've been listening to customer complaints.

Now they are reaching out to people who think they've been improperly billed.

Our stories about a couple that mistakenly received a $1,600 water bill brought out dozens of other people on our Facebook page who say they've also had billing problems.

Missouri American officials say they have contacted at least two of those customers from our Facebook page and say they would like to hear from others.

"We'd be happy to help those people who need that help, to go identify where the leaks are for them so that they don't have that high water bill," said Wynn Morgan a senior manager for Missouri American Water's Northwest Operations.

"We don't want to lose water that we've produced to go down into the drain without it being used. We want to be sure that people contact us locally," he said.

If you think you have a billing error, you can bypass the posted customer service line and call (816) 233-4000, ext. 2222.

We talked with the St. Joseph couple who had the $1,600 bill. They say they've had their situation resolved with the water company.

KQ2 had also received a water bill that was ten times higher than normal. After a review with Missouri American staff, it appears the station may have a water leak.

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