Missouri Considering New Texting Restrictions for Drivers

Published 01/25 2012 06:28PM

Updated 05/15 2012 03:08PM

ST. JOSEPH - A proposed compromise to expand Missouri's texting-while-driving law is stirring up opinions across the state.

The Senate Transportation Committee heard testimony today that would prohibit all drivers from texting and driving.
Similar bills have failed in the past so one senator has proposed making texting only a secondary offense.
This means police would have to pull drivers over for something else before they could write a ticket for texting.
Local police say if texting was only a secondary offense, it would be difficult to enforce.

"Unfortunately, if they do the all-out ban and make it into a secondary offense, it's going to be really difficult for us to try to enforce. I mean, if I can't stop you when I see you texting, I have to wait until you do another infraction and then stop you. It'll be difficult at best," says Sgt. Richard Ketchem, Traffic Unit Supervisor of the St. Joseph Police Department.

A law currently exists only for those drivers 21 years old and younger.

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