Missouri Highway Patrol Helps Fight Texting While Driving

Published 07/19 2010 09:16PM

Updated 05/15 2012 03:09PM

There is a new effort underway to stop drivers from texting behind the wheel.

The Missouri Highway Patrol has joined the campaign to pass out stickers that promote the anti-text message.

They unveiled the logo today, which has the letters "DWT" which stands for "Driving While Texting."

Troopers with Troop H in St. Joseph say they hope the stickers send a strong message about the dangers of texting and driving.

"It is impossible. I have tried it, you can not do it," said Sergeant Sheldon Lyon with the Missouri Highway Patrol. "You just cannot drive the car safely and send or receive texts. You are dividing your attention from the task of driving and whenever you try to multi-task and drive, it increases your chance of being in a crash."

The stickers will be available in August.

Contact the Missouri Highway Patrol for more information.

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