Missourians Vote Down Prop B Tobacco Tax

Published 11/06 2012 01:08PM

Updated 11/07 2012 11:43AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) After months of protest, rallies, and signs, the issue on whether or not Missouri should raise the tobacco tax has finally been decided.

Missouri voters have decided not to pass Proposition B with 50 % voting no. 49% of voters voted yes.

Currently, Missouri has the lowest tobacco tax in the nation. If the initiative had passed, the prices of tobacco products would have gone up, from the current rate of $0.17 per pack of cigarettes to $0.90 cents.

Depending on the manufacturer, a price on a carton of cigarettes would have risen between $7.00 and $13.00.

If the ballot measure would have passed, it was expected to generate additional revenue between $283 and $423 million dollars a year, which were planned to go toward educational programs throughout the state, as well as other programs aimed at helping smokers quit.

Throughout the months leading up to Tuesday's election, many have spoken out about the issue.

Those in support of the issue claim the increase in price would help deter people from smoking, while others say it could hamper business.

Similar measures have been struck down before.

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