MWSU Professor Interviewed for Japanese TV Show

By Jonathan Cooper |

Published 07/07 2014 06:55PM

Updated 07/08 2014 11:05AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Missouri Western Professor Dr. Brian Cronk may soon be a star on Japanese T.V.

"I think it's pretty special," Cronk said. "It makes me feel honored that they came."

A Japanese television crew, working for Top Spin Creative, based in New York, visited St. Joseph to interview Cronk for an upcoming television show.

"I was doing research on this particular topic and I just found his name online and then he seems like he had so much knowledge on this topic," said Ayako Maki, a television producer with the network.

The crew would not disclose the topic of the episode but says it will be a part of Darkside Mysteries, a television show on NHK, Japan's equivalent of the BBC.

"It's just only for Japanese audience so the show is going to be aired only in Japan," Maki said.

Cronk has been interviewed in the past about his expertise in psychology.
The Japanese crew found him simply through a search of the Internet.

"One of the huge advantages of the Internet these days is a faculty member at a regional university like Missouri Western State University can be a world expert on a particular topic," Cronk said.

Cronk did an interview several years ago that was published in the Los Angeles Times. Since then his work has been featured on Fox News and the Christian Science Monitor.

But still despite all of his work, he says he doesn't feel like an expert.

"I don't know that experts ever feel expert," he said. "We are always trying to learn more, we're always trying to figure out more about what we already know."

And through this interview, he hopes people in Japan appreciate the science of psychology.

"It is a mysterious topic, if they can look at that mysterious topic in a more critical light, use more critical thinking in how they think about it, that's a win for everybody," Cronk said.

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