New Signs Warn of Dangers Behind the Wheel

Published 07/14 2014 05:30PM

Updated 07/14 2014 11:01PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) If you've driven along Missouri highways recently, you may have noticed something different.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is using dynamic messaging signs to warn drivers of dangerous habits behind the wheel.
"I thought that was actually a really, really smart idea because normally I honestly wouldn't pay attention to the signs that say stop texting and don't text and drive just because it bores me and it really doesn't grab my attention," said Maryville motorist Catie Drummond.

MoDOT said the catchy phrases are the latest trend to get drivers attention.

"They really look at the sign and say 'hey, that's me. I'm texting right now,'" said MoDOT Traffic Operations Engineer Jose Rodriguez. "So, it's really just to catch the attention and to make it maybe a little more personal too as are you texting and not just a blanket text and drive."

Messages will be changed each month to target specific bad behaviors.

Although some of the messages are meant to be clever and humorous, MoDOT officials said their number one goal is to promote driver safety.

"That's probably one of our biggest things is to promote those safety messages along especially our roadways," said Rodriguez. "It helps keep people more aware of what they're doing while they're driving."

MoDOT hopes the campaign will serve as a reminder to drivers to arrive alive and many motorists say the signs are helping drive that message home.

"Slogans that don't catch your eye, you're not going to want to pay attention to but something that actually makes you think will make you think longer about it," said Drummond. "It'll make you think about it a day later instead of just that one split second you see it on the road."

MoDOT is also asking the public for creative slogans for safety reminders and driving pet peeves.

You can submit your ideas by sending an e-mail to

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