Northwest, Western Fans Cheer Rival Teams in Maryville

Published 11/11 2012 11:19PM

Updated 11/16 2012 10:42AM

(MARYVILLE, Mo.) Saturday at Northwest, one of the biggest games of the year brought one of the biggest crowds.
Both Northwest and Missouri Western fans showed up to show their support.
In the area's greatest rivalry, fans made the best of the experience in a variety of ways.

Fans on both sides filled the campus. The solid green was the majority, but you couldn't miss the black and gold.

"This one is probably the most exciting because Northwest is our rivals," say Jake and Matt, young Missouri Western fans.

"This is the game that my son says is going to make the season. This will define, he thinks, how they're going to do as they go on," says Penny Heteberry, a Northwest fan.

Students wanted to make the best of one of the biggest games of their college career.

Many Northwest students started the game away from the stadium, and tailgated in a nearby parking lot.

"We're really close to the stadium so we like to hang out. We can use this parking lot to chill and have some drinks with friends, so yeah, we've got two ranked teams," says Tyler Tolle, a Northwest student.

Missouri Western students had a similar idea, but still got to watch the action. Many sat out on a trailer in front of the stadium, avoiding the ticket prices, and not missing a moment.

"I think it's fun just to watch the game, just to enjoy the sport, and just have a good time," says Brenna Knott, a Missouri Western student.

But the majority of fans on both sides seem to agree, you can't beat the experience inside the stadium.

With such a great rivalry, the sights, sounds, and energy of the game are something to catch close by.

"They are a hoot. They just get into the game and are cheering the team on, and are booing the other team, and it's just great," Heteberry says.

No matter where the fans gathered, their intent was clear. Each side wanted to go back home with bragging rights, which for now, goes to Missouri Western

Saturday's game was the first Missouri Western has won in Maryville since 2001.

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