Opposition Sounds Off on Amendment 1

By Ronelle Williams | rwilliams@kq2.com

Published 07/29 2014 01:06PM

Updated 07/30 2014 08:11AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.)  Missouri voters will soon decide the fate of Amendment 1 which will determine farming operations in the state.

Susan Montee, Professor of Business Law at Missouri Western, met with farm advocates at the Buchanan County Courthouse Tuesday to explain why they think Amendment 1 is not right for Missouri.

They feel the amendment would loosen a lot of regulations but also give bigger corporations an upper hand against local farmers.  And also that local farms should feed local people without having to compete with large corporate farms.

"When you amend your constitution and you put protections in there it dissolves a lot or makes un-enforceable the current laws on the books and it prevents future regulations on a business," said Susan Montee of MWSU.

"Big corporations that are already doing business in Missouri and more big corporations that may want to come here will be seen as citizens of the state of Missouri.  Persons, under the law, under the U.S. Constitution.  And they'll be free to do what they want to because they will call it agriculture," said President of Missouri Farmers Union Richard Oswald.

Advocates of the amendment have put nearly $1 million towards their campaign. Voting for Amendment 1 will take place on August 5.  


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