PACT's Bond Issue Dominates Forum

Published 03/13 2012 10:45PM

Updated 03/15 2012 11:53AM

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- PACT's $42 million bond issue was the main topic at the St. Joseph School District candidate forum.

Some of the candidates were wearing the "Vote Yes" pin for PACT's bond issue. While all of the candidates supported the issue, others had concerns such as older schools.

"My hold will be is that we continue to do the renovations that are needed for the schools," said Hamilton Henderson.

Others were concerned about the clarity of the bond issue's no tax increase.

"This premise is false," said Kenneth Reeder. "We need to start being open, truthful, and honest with the voters."

It was a message of better communication that carried over into other answers.

"Schools belong to the community and I think we can work better at being responsive to what their desires and what their needs are for the students, too for the children," said Chris Danford.

The bond issue's sunset clause also was a hot issue. All but one of the candidates agreed with the clause.

"It's not good business to have a five year or eight year clause on your funding," said Lori Prussman.

Only a handful of questions from the St. Joseph Education Coalition stemmed away from the issue. Those questions stayed primarily on the changes candidates would make to the board.

"Everybody I talk to said they would like to see it ran more like a business," said Reeder. "And I can't find anybody that says they would run their business like the school district runs their business."

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