Pinewood Derbies Racing Across St. Joseph

Published 01/16 2012 06:41PM

Updated 01/17 2012 04:44PM

Some wooden cars have been speeding down slopes across the area.
After Cub Scouts spent some time crafting a racer from a block of wood, they're now having fun finding the fastest one.

Tiny pinewood cars have been racing nearly as fast the imaginations of Cub Scouts in the area.

Cub Scout packs are holding their annual pinewood derbies.

It's one of the biggest events of the year.

"It's amazing that they can just take a block of wood, and what they do with it to create this car that flies down the track, or crawls down the track sometimes," says Mike Goeller, Pack 45 Cubmaster.

Scouts are given a block of pinewood, and with the help of a grownup family member or friend, design their racer and turn it into a reality.

"I wanted it to look like a camero," says Tallynn Howard, a scout.

"Well, we started off having a hard time, but after we sanded it down and stuff, it started to look pretty good," says Connor Bell, scout and overall winner of the event.

The scouts and their families meet up later to race their cars.

The crowd cheers as the cars descend down the track.

"I had butterflies in my stomach, and I feel really good about it," Bell says.

"Everyone was cheering for whoever was up there," says Howard.

Scouts learn a lot from making to racing the cars.

Leaders make sure one thing scouts take with them is good sportsmanship.

"So we want them to have a positive attitude while they're out here, be very optimistic about not only their car, but everybody else's car, and really work on the fact that there is a lot of respect that has to come out during the race because these boys did put a lot of time and themselves into the cars," Goeller says.

"I mean, it wasn't really a competitive race. It was a really fun one," says Howard.

While each car can't weigh more than five ounces, scouts can't say what makes a winning car.

"I don't know," Bell says.

"You don't know why it was so fast?" KQ2 asks.

"No," says Bell.

"Just luck huh?" KQ2 asks.

"Yeah," Bell says.

It took 31 heats to race all of the cars.
An electronic finish line recorded the times for each race.

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