Potholes Continue to Cause Problems for Drivers

Published 02/23 2014 10:44PM

Updated 02/23 2014 11:00PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the Missouri Department of Transportation, dealt with an abnormal-sized pothole Saturday night

A 3-foot by 11-foot pothole, on I-29 near Amazonia, caused a mess that highway patrol said could have been much worse for the four cars that ran over it.

"They were all just coming southbound. All the vehicles were in the driving lane and they all just drove straight across it, and it caused them to have flat tires on their vehicles," said Trooper Caleb Jeffers, Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The pothole was nearly 5 inches deep, which is well above the average size for potholes.

"You'll drive up and down the interstate and you'll see some potholes. Certainly, rarely, do you see any that big," said Jeffers.

MoDOT said they fix potholes everyday, but have never seen one that big.

"We had to go out there and remove the loose material and put some asphalt in there for a temporary repair," said Marty Liles.

Despite this abnormal sized pothole, smaller ones are common this time of year.

With the temperature constantly changing, they are prone to pop up.

"We've had a really cold winter, and we've had a lot of moisture. Now, that moisture, as it's melting, it's soaking into the pavement and it's deteriorating our pavements and causing potholes," said Liles.

Potholes can cause costly damage to cars; puncturing tires, cracking rims or even knocking a car our of alignment.

MoDOT, and highway patrol, said it is important to pay attention to roads when driving, especially at night.

"Whether you'll watching out for potholes, or deer, whatever, of course make sure you have good beams for your headlights. Make sure the headlights are clean so you're getting the full lumination from the lights," said Jeffers.

MoDOT is asking for the public's help to fix potholes.

If you are driving around town and see a pot hole of any size, call 188-ASK-MODOT.

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