Produce Plentiful Following Heavy Rain

Published 07/03 2014 06:04PM

Updated 07/07 2014 03:03PM

(MOUND CITY, Mo.)   Many farmers in northwest Missouri are already cashing in on their produce. But with heavy rainfall and an unpredictable winter, some believed they may have lost everything.

When Charlie Clodfelter found out he lost the majority of his crops to heavy rains, he came up with another idea, gourmet mushrooms.

"Probably lost 75 percent of all the tomatoes we had in the ground; even had them under row covers. I just had to do something quick and adapt and luckily, having the mushrooms has kind of saved us," stated Clodfelter.

But it wasn't just a save, he hit the jackpot. Clodfelter says he grew up hunting mushrooms and decided to try growing them on his own. He says he wasn't sure what to expect but now business is better than ever.

"I've sold out every week that I've gone within the first two hours to the extent to where, now, I'm looking at even scaling up larger and maybe going full commercial," added Clodfelter.

His gourmet mushrooms are now in high demand and in several restaurants.

Other farmers, are also profiting off of the weather. Reynolds and Voga Farms say this year has been nearly perfect.

"We started two years ago and the first year we had a drought. Last year, July was cool so tomatoes and nothing ripened like it should've. This year has been for us nearly a perfect year," said Joe Voga.

Since the agriculture business is unpredictable, Voga says he's making the best of it. He says he'll continue to plant and keep his family involved.

"Handle their food and see it from the time we plant it til the time we harvest and also they learn the value of hard work plus they get paid to do their work and nothings free. They learn that there's a dollar attached to hard work," added Voga.

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