Red Cross Volunteers Embrace Opportunities to Serve

Published 11/07 2011 05:53PM

Updated 11/07 2011 09:28PM

Flooding over the summer made much of Northwest Missouri a disaster area.
Through the devastation, many stepped up, offering their time to help any way they could.
In today's St. Joe Proud, we take a look at three red cross volunteers who are making a difference.

Missouri has seen so much devastation over the last few months.

After tornadoes in Joplin and flooding here in the northwest, three men, among others, wanted to help and became volunteers with the American Red Cross.

"After about a year of being retired, there was talk about a flood and a disaster in the area, and I thought it was about time I gave back to the community," says Wayne King, a volunteer with the American Red Cross.

"The Red Cross is one of the first places I started checking into, being a volunteer, and what would be available to do, to give back and be of service to the community, and help other people," says Bob Gergeni, another volunteer with the American Red Cross.

They offered their time over the summer, working feeding and bulk distribution, trying to make a difference for flood victims in the northwest who have lost so much.

They say their experience working in the flood wasn't easy.

"What we saw were people that were devastated. Some of these folks have had their homes for generations and it was the only residence that they had, and now it's bottoms are completely lost," says Terrence Harrington, a volunteer with the American Red Cross.

The three started with the Red Cross at around the same time and friendship grew as they continued volunteering.

They're now known around the Red Cross in St. Joseph as "The Three Musketeers."

"They're a special kind of people, the people I've met here at the Red Cross. They're willing to give their time and their efforts and stuff like that, and they're really an open people and it makes you feel good working with them," says King.

After their experiences, they only want to continue helping others.

They're even taking additional classes so they can assist victims further in the future.

Harrington wants to give back after the Red Cross gave him a place to stay years ago when he was homeless.

"So I came in homeless and now I have my own apartment and have had for the last five years so I'm giving right back," Harrington says.

Those three volunteers say they're taking several classes with the Red Cross so they can learn how they can best serve those in need.

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