Right to Farm Bill Opponents Rally in Jefferson City


Published 06/20 2014 11:32AM

Updated 06/20 2014 11:44AM

(SPRINGFIELD, Mo.) A rally against Missouri's proposed "Right to Farm" bill took place in Jefferson City Thursday.

Several organizations were represented, those which would like citizens to vote "no" on Amendment 1 this August.

Opponents to the "Right to Farm" legislation believe it will give too much power to companies that own farm land in the Show Me State.

In August, Missouri voters will decide whether to add to the state constitution Amendment 1, also known as "Right to Farm."

The new language states "The right of farmers and ranchers to engage in farming and ranching practices shall be forever guaranteed in this state."

But opponents like Sheila Nichols don't believe Amendment 1 will do what it purports.

"The wording is very vague," she said.

She opposes this amendment because she feels it's unnecessary.

"Our farmers already are protected by statute in the state of Missouri," she said.

She also believes it will end up protecting more corporate interests than small family farms in the Show Me State.

"I oppose any industry being given blanket protection as far as a constitutional amendment," she said.

Nichols and dozens of other opponents rallied in the state capitol Thursday against "Right to Farm."

"We had representation from multiple organizations across the state," she said, "And it's just showing the collective impact that this amendment would have on the citizens of the state of Missouri."

Proponents of "Right to Farm" believe this will help protect farms and those who run them.

But Nichols is worried about future recourse should this pass.

"We have to take good care of our environment as well as our rural communities because that's our economy," she said.

This issue will be on your ballot August 5 as Amendment 1 to the state constitution.

For more information on the ballot language click here.

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