School Board Candidate: Hamilton Henderson

Published 03/27 2012 05:46PM

Updated 03/27 2012 09:40PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Hamilton Henderson, running for the St. Joseph School Board, wants to help bring a better future to St. Joseph kids.

He has a master's degree in administration, and wants to put it to use.

"I think administrators can affect change. I think administrators can bring new ideas, new programs, and test them out, and see if they'll work," Henderson says.

Henderson was a teacher for in the district for 40 years.

He was also the first African-American teacher at Central High School.

"In those 40 years, you know, I think I worked under six superintendents and several administrations at Central High School," he says.

After retiring in 2009, he fills some of his time teaching classes at Missouri Western.

He's says he's found trouble where some students have gone through the St. Joseph School District, and still struggle with basics.

"I had students from all three public high schools in my class this past fall, that reading, writing, and spelling, is still an issue," says Henderson.

He wants to bring his experiences to the school board, and work with them to make the district better for students.

"Hopefully, I can bring up some of the things I have seen over the years, and be able to witness that these were good things, and we should continue, or they weren't good things," he says.

Henderson wants to support programs with social interaction that teach team building and cooperation.

He adds he'd like to revive an old program centered around reading and writing.

"Well it was reading strategies, and helping kids to reading comprehension, how to look at words, and how to interpret words, and how to write," Henderson says.

On the 42 million dollar bond issue, he says anything that will work for the kids is a good thing, but he has some issues.

"To me, the Title I schools would not receive the central air, but would receive units until, well, you know, we need to look at that," he says.

He likes to see so much community involvement on the issue, and wants to see that continue in other areas.

"As a board, I think the majority of us would like to see better communication with the community, to get the people more involved with the educational program," Henderson says.

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