SJPD Requires Strict, Yearly Training

Published 08/25 2014 01:56PM

Updated 08/25 2014 11:22PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) When it comes to making sure police officers stay on top of their game, the St. Joseph Police Department does not cut anyone slack.

All police officers are required to participate in an eight-hour, annual training.

The training day includes three blocks: racial profiling, firearm and customer service. Officers must be trained in those specific areas every year.

For those just joining the force, they're required to complete a six-month training through the Missouri Police Academy before working for the police department.

One hired, they must go through a three-week in house training.

That includes firearms, defensive tactics, racial profiling, and general and special orders.

St. Joseph police recently hired eight new officers who started this training.

"Today's an easy today. They're at city hall doing orientation. After that, we're getting some uniforms fitted, but after this, they're going to stay in their firearms training. They have three, full days that they'll spend on the firearms range training. And then, we'll do a full day of defensive tactics, and PPCT stuff, hands on type training. From there, it gets into a lore more books. Like i said, reading the general orders, and making sure they know the rules, policies and laws and things like that before they get out on the street," said Sgt. John Olszowka, SJPD Training Sergeant.

Along with the required training from the police department, The Missouri Post requires all officers get about 60 hours of training every three years.

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