Small Businessman, Incumbent Facing off in District I

By Alan Van Zandt |

Published 04/03 2014 10:56PM

Updated 04/03 2014 11:22PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) When local businessman Dennis Adams got fed up with city hall, he decided he wanted to do something about it.

The owner of Adams Jewelry filed the paperwork to run for City Council.

"It was just aggravation," Adams said. "Anytime you tried to talk to someone down there, they weren't friendly. That's how it started out with traffic lights on the Belt Highway jamming up the store. I just couldn't get answers."

Adams has learned about the issues and thinks current City Council members and other candidates need to calm down about the city's budget.

"They kept screaming $206 million," Adams said. "They aren't drawing a picture. They're just yelling out big numbers to excite people."

Incumbent Pat Jones is looking for her second term. She says she's got more work to do.

"You can't get anything done in one term," Jones said. "You want to see things that have been talked about, went over a million times, you'd like to see it come to happen for real."

The two candidates have differing views about the possibility of the casino moving downtown with the addition of a new convention center.

"We need a convention center in this town," Jones said. "The VFW, American Legion, gymnastics, wrestling, we are losing out on so much money because we don't have the facilities to have these conventions and other big things in our city."

Adams disagrees.

"The casino wanted the city to come up with all kinds of money," he said. "We heard figures of like $12 million. They generate about $1 million in taxes for the city. I don't think so."

The state of St. Joseph roads has become the number one topic in this election.

"Why are we doing patches on them, because they don't have any money," Adams said. "Let's go back 30 years and find out what we're going wrong and fix it."

"We all know how serious the streets are," Jones said."There's something that's going to have to be done, we're very aware. The Use Tax has been talked about. The GEO bonds have been talked about."

St. Joseph voters head to the polls next Tuesday, April 8.

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