St. Joe Day Camp Gives Kids a History Lesson

By Sean Everson |

Published 07/07 2014 01:12PM

Updated 07/08 2014 11:13AM

( ST. JOSEPH, MO. ) While some summer camps are full of fun and games, kids at the Pony Express Museum day camp are learning too.

Cindy Daffron, the museum's executive director, has been teaching the history of the Pony Express for 10 years. But this year's camp has a different focus.

"This time we wanted to tie the across the nation, what it was, which was the Native American that was across the country. And teach these the kids what that ties to the Pony Express," said Daffron.

Campers learn about the Pony Express through arts and crafts, archery, and other activities. "Our belief is in education. And if we educate the kids and give them the background, it never leaves them," added Daffron.

Exhibits inside the museum help enhance the learning experience, providing a visual backdrop for the lessons.

"I like that we learn about the Pony Express and how they delivered mail from Missouri to California and all the history that I learn here," said second year camper Matthew Byrd. "I'm really excited about meeting all the new friends and I'll be really sad about leaving, but I'm really excited about our pow wow because I have no idea what it's going to be. It's just a surprise. It's going to be awesome."

After a week of learning, the camp wraps up on Thursday with a pow wow. And Byrd has a message for his friends who didn't sign up this year.

"I hope you're jealous."

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