St. Joseph Cleans Up After Snow Storm

Published 02/05 2014 05:56PM

Updated 02/05 2014 09:32PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) With all hands on deck residents in St. Joseph moved snow as quickly as possible.

People say it's a long process but someone has to do it.

Many spent Wednesday working instead of relaxing -- faced with driveways and sidewalks piled high with snow.

The Lenz family trekked from one house to the next helping family and friends clear the snow.

Their kids joined in on the action and wanted to help others on their day off.

"It's important because if they're old they might need help shoveling it because they could hurt themselves," says Quentin Lenz, who spent the day with his sister shoveling and snow blowing.

Precious, 11, and her younger sister Nevaeah, 6, spent the day working hard shoveling their sidewalk but later played in the snow.

"Today, we're pretty much just shoveling the snow that came over last night and having fun in it," says Precious.  

But for most people, cleaning up snow was far from fun.

With at least eight inches of snow and some drifts even higher, many say it's more like a chore.

Martin Canchola spent the day shoveling his driveway and said it took more than two hours.

"I'm actually just making room for more snow so I'm shoveling today so I can get ready for Saturday's snow," added Canchola who had the day off from work due to the weather conditions.

Canchola says he doesn't mind shoveling the snow and he has his reasons.

"Gets me some exercise that I don't do normally so I like it. Shoveling snow is fun and it keeps me going and keeps the blood circulating," added Canchola.

The area could see another chance for snow this weekend.

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