St. Joseph Helps Neighbors in Joplin

Published 05/30 2011 12:02PM

Updated 06/13 2011 03:52PM

After one of the deadliest tornadoes in US history hit the small town of Joplin, St. Joseph residents didn't hesitate to come to their rescue.

The day after the storm hit Red Cross volunteers were already on the ground feeding, sheltering and connecting survivors with their loved ones.

"You know when other communications fail we seem to be finding facebook works," said volunteer Bill Benson.

When KQ2 joined efforts with the Red Cross to host a "Neighbors in Need" fundraiser St. Joe residents showed their true colors by giving everything from pocket change to hundreds of dollars

"I think tomorrow I am going to come down to the Red Cross and see if I can volunteer in some way," said donor Wanda Weston.

Phones didn't stop ringing when KQ2 hosted a telethon with the Red Cross.

"We did just land a big fish. We had a donation of $1,000. That felt pretty good," said Missouri Representative Delus Johnson.

The Red Cross raised $40,000 that day and nearly $100,000 by the end of the week.

"People are very generous. I know their hearts and prayers have been going out and now they are stepping up to help with their financial contributions and we appreciate it a lot," said Kevin Kirby with the Red Cross.

Local businesses like Ameristeam also collected hundreds of donations including food, clothing and hygiene products.

Another area church (Riverside) also stepped up to the plate collecting more supplies.

Even the truck and fuel to take the items up were donated from Sunshine Electronics.

"It has really been amazing. I don't think words can describe how proud I am for the city of St. Joseph," said Jason Rush.

City employees and Buchanan County Sheriff's deputies have also been in Joplin since the storm hit helping residents anyway they can.

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