St. Joseph Veterans Shine in Hometown Heroes Documentary

Published 05/17 2014 09:26PM

Updated 05/17 2014 10:52PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) It's tough to fully imagine what soldiers go through when fighting for our country, but their bravery and sacrifice is not overlooked.

"They are so grateful for that honor, and that opportunity to share their story," said Randy Murray, Founder of Hometown Heroes: America's Veteran Stories.

A group of St. Joseph veterans, who fought in World War II,  the Korean War, and Vietnam, were recognized on Saturday in honor of Armed Forces Day.

"They want to have the opportunity to say how things were for them in their own terms, and their own words," he said.

A video produced by Hometown Heroes: America's Veteran Stories, gave them that opportunity show life on the battlefield through their eyes.

"It's exciting, it's enjoyable. And, the whole thing is, we're getting several men, who served in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam, and the later wars, and those people have a lot of stories to tell," said Loyd Pasley, who was featured in the documentary.

Loyd Pasley, along with 8 other veterans, received a copy of the film and a plaque. 

"It means that we recognize the sacrifices of the men that never got back," said Pasley.

"It's a way of honoring them that somebody, when they're no longer with us, no amount of money could buy those stories," said Murray.

Though it seems almost impossible to repay soldiers for their courageous acts, a little recognition goes a long way.

"We have a lot of veterans, and of course, we're losing a lot of our World War II and Korean veterans. I'd like to see some of them get recognized before they pass," said Pasley.

"Each one is a sacred honor, and sacred trust, and it is the highest privilege, and highest honor to be able to be the caretaker of their stories," said Murray.

Hometown heroes: America's Veteran Stories has produced more than 1,500 stories across the United States, but this was the first one featuring in St. Joseph veterans.

To watch the full video, click here.

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