State Senator Highlights Confusion for Candidacy Filing

Published 02/24 2012 12:37PM

Updated 02/24 2012 09:24PM

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.) There is still confusion in the Missouri state legislature over what date will be the proper date to file for candidacy for state-elected positions.

State Senator Dr. Rob Schaaf says a measure to extend the date by two weeks has yet to pass, and is unlikely to pass.

The confusion comes from a previous measure to redistrict the state, which would eliminate a senatorial position in St. Louis County.

Dr. Schaaf says he still expects people who plan on registering to run for office to do so this coming Tuesday.

"They better get together and rethink this map or they're going to end up seeing filing on Tuesday or they'll see people filing for the districts that already exist.  That could be a real problem, because it might end up in federal court," the state senator said.

Dr. Schaaf says it confuses him that four republican state senators would be in favor of a redistricting measure that would eliminate a senate seat.

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