Stewartsville Parents Speak Out Against School Administration

Published 05/22 2014 10:09PM

Updated 05/23 2014 07:18AM

(STEWARTSVILLE, Mo.) Parents in Stewartsville are speaking out against the school's administration. Some feel school leaders aren't putting the children's education first.

"I wanna talk and I want some answers," said Tim Haskell, a concerned parent who has children who attend Stewartsville C-2 School.

"The finances are a very important aspect to the school, the parents are but the main reason that this school exists is to educate children," added Angela Lundy, another concerned parent.

Lundy was one of dozens of Stewartsville parents who showed up Thursday to protest against the school's administration. They say they're in support of the school board and teachers but feel the administration is divided.

"Our administration should be supporting the teachers cohesion at the school and the students. I feel like the very people that should be supporting that are causing the divide to widen in our school district," stated Lundy.

They say they're concerned about where the school is headed since test scores are falling and in some areas below average.

"Testing at this school has been declining and we're not happy about it and let's see some changes," said Haskell.

Some parents say they don't feel comfortable approaching administration because of fear of retaliation. Parents are also upset that four tenured teachers have resigned.

"They're invested in the community, I mean they went to school here and it's their community," commented Haskell.

Administration held a closed meeting Thursday to discuss personnel decisions. Parents all agree and say they support change for the school and aren't bashing the superintendent and principal, they simply want answers.

"I don't want him to get the message that we are against him. I want him to be able to work with our teachers, administration, the staff so that we can better the situation," said Lundy.

KQ2 reached out to Superintendent Tony Perry who said he wouldn't comment on the situation until he spoke with the school's attorney.

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