Stolen Bounce Houses Recovered, Questions Remain

Published 07/01 2014 05:37PM

Updated 07/02 2014 10:21AM

(ANDREW COUNTY, Mo.) When Tiffany Greene checked her storage shed this past weekend in Savannah, she expected to see her prized possessions. Instead, she found the opposite.

"The door was open, it was empty; there was no lock, there was no nothing," said Greene, the owner of The Bouncing Place.

Thousands of dollars worth of bounce houses, and other equipment like sand bags and the blowers were gone.

"They took everything that was in the storage unit with the exception of one table and two chairs," she said.

The three bounce houses belonged to The Bouncing Place in St. Joseph.

Although they were returned to Green Monday night, there are still many unanswered questions.

"Bounce houses not usually something we have stolen. So, there's a little bit more there. We just don't know what," said Sgt. Danny Gabriel with the Andrew County Sheriff's Department.

The Bouncing Place posted a memo on Facebook, asking for the public's help.

That is when a man went to the Andrew County Sheriff's Department claiming he bought them for $500 from another man, and used them to host a birthday party.

"He didn't know the name. He gave me a description and a description of what they were driving," Sgt. Gabriel said.

He claimed someone saw the bounce houses in his backyard, after his party, and told him they were stolen.

"Somebody come to him that they seen it on Facebook, and showed him the property and stuff. He said that's the stuff I had, I'd bought it off an individual who was unloading it out of the storage unit at the time," he said.

The president of Sun Valley Mini Storage said break-ins aren't too common there, especially strange reports like this.

"To see somebody pulling out with a set of bouncers, even if we seen it, we wouldn't exactly think 'there goes somebody stealing bouncers,' we would've thought somebody's just taking stuff out of their unit like normal," said Edward Stroud the president of Sun Valley Mini Storage.

However, Stroud says security on the premise is tight, and everyone is working together to get to the bottom of the case.

"We do have video cameras on site, so it's real easy for us to go back and look at surveillance, and try to help the sheriff's department or whoever we can," he said.

Andrew County Police are still looking through surveillance footage to find answers.

No one is in custody. However, they are questioning the man who claims he bought them from someone else.

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