Strong Overnight Storms Leave Mess Behind

By Jonathan Cooper |

Published 06/04 2014 03:49PM

Updated 06/07 2014 08:31PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) After a night full of strong winds, heavy rains and power outages, those in St. Joseph and the surrounding area spent the day, Wednesday, trying to recover.

"The lightening was really kind of scary last night because it was so constant," said Kurt Jacinek, who lives in St. Joseph. "It kept going on and on and looked out the window to make sure nothing was on fire."

Jacinek's neighborhood lost power for about 45 minutes during the height of the storm.

"Fortunately it was just for 45 minutes and they've done a pretty good job in restoring power in the past," he said.

Small portions of the area were still without power on Wednesday morning.

Randy Flatt and his son cleaned up a broken tree that filled their backyard.

"Seems like every year we have a store coming through that's going to knock down that tree," he said.

For drivers in rural Buchanan County, the Platte River flooded making some roadways impassable.

"We have approximately six or seven roads that are usually closed when the river is out and they are closed at this time," said Bill Brinton, Emergency Manager.

He said it is extremely important that people pay attention to any road closures because of high waters.

"We don't want people to lose their life," he said.

But despite some minor headaches, those cleaning up know it could have been much worse.

"Lucky enough it didn't fall in his house, lucky it didn't fall on my house," Flatt said. "Just a little fence damage and we're back in business."

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