Student Uses LEGO Skills to Win National Competition

Published 05/10 2012 05:44PM

Updated 05/10 2012 09:30PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A St. Joseph elementary student has spent years building with LEGO's, and he has now earned top awards for his ability to build a structure out of LEGO's in less than an hour.

He's only eleven years old and his love for playing with LEGO's has earned him national recognition.

"I have like a LEGO arsenal at home, every sort of LEGO you can ever have. I really enjoy playing with LEGO's," said Shawn Boss, a sixth grader at Parkway Elementary.

He entered a block building contest where he had to create a structure out of 100 LEGO's, a piece of string, aluminum foil and a rock.

Boss has been intrigued by the oil spill of 2010, and wanted to create a structure to help with removing oil from the gulf.

"That really harmed a lot of habitats and caused a lot of mayhem throughout the nation, it would be kind of cool if America had something to clean that up," said Boss.

Boss created an oil extractor that can remove oil after a spill.

"In real life, the structure would be very large and it would scoop up the oil and bring it back to the actual extractor area. It would filter the oil and the oil would be usable, and the water would be clean again," said Boss.

Boss won the local competition, and was eventually announced as the national winner.

"Then they announced my name on overall, I was amazed, my eyes popped out like huge, it was like one on a million for me," said Boss.

Boss was one of more than 3,000 kids who participated.

He even won an iPad, which he can't wait to use in the seventh grade, but his favorite toys will always be LEGO's.

"Even to this day he says for his twelfth birthday, 'mom I hope you have a pack of LEGO's for me,'" said his mother, Olga Boss.

This was Boss' second year competing in the Block Kids Building contest.
He hopes to one day be an attorney or an orthopedic surgeon.

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