Students and Teachers Celebrate Pi Day

By Jonathan Cooper |

Published 03/14 2014 05:49PM

Updated 03/14 2014 09:43PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) There are many different kinds of pie, chocolate, cherry, and apple to name a few.

But for students at Spring Garden Middle School, they celebrated a day dedicated to the math kind of pi.

"Pi day is the celebration of pie, the first three digits of pi is 3.14 so we always celebrate it on March 14th," said Darcy Ralston, a math teacher at the school.

In math terms, pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to it's diameter. It will always equal 3.14 plus an infinite number of digits.

"It's a celebration, it's a happy thing," said Shelly Durfey, another math teacher at the school. "It's smiles, it's getting their interest in math besides the normal routine."

In between classes, math related songs blared through the speakers and math classes worked on pi related math problems using moon pies.

"Math isn't always the best, most favorite subject so we're trying to get them motivated, get them excited that there is a special day this year just for math and it's just fun to celebrate," said Ralston.

And it's not just fun for the students. The teachers had a pie bake off complete with pizza pie for lunch.

"I love it," Ralston said. "I wore my pi day shirt, my mathletic shirt."

The day is expected to be even bigger next year, which is March 14th, 2015 or 3.1415.

"Oh we'll try every year to enjoy and see what we can come up with next," Durfey said.

It's a day that will be sure to satisfy both the sweet tooth and the brain.

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