Students Engage with Organizations at Missouri Western

By Ronelle Williams |

Published 08/25 2014 05:08PM

Updated 08/26 2014 11:57AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Monday brought the first day of classes at Missouri Western State University. 

That meant it was time for the Western Warm Up.  More than 70 businesses and organizations introduced themselves to new and returning students.

"It helps you socialize and become more familiar with St. Joe as a whole," said MWSU Junior Matthew Steinlage.

Steinlage transferred from a smaller school and had never experienced anything like the Western Warm Up.

"It was a community college so they didn't have as much stuff.  It definitely was not as involved as Missouri Western's is," said Steinlage.

While the event was fun, there was plenty of valuable information available.

"I've found a way to get jobs and build my resume and be a part of different groups and organizations," said MWSU freshman Chloe Lorenz.

The businesses and organizations that attend the Warm Up don't hesitate to become familiar with the students.

"It gets to help them know the students and also it's a great way for the students to see what's going on in St. Joseph.  If they need a job or anything.  They're always like, 'what's your major?'  They want to get to know the students and that really helps them out," said Charmaine Vanez of the Center for Student Involvement.

And students have some control over which businesses are invited to the Warm Up every year.

"They give us a lot of feedback on what they want to see and what they love seeing around campus.  So it really helps us out and helps the students out," said Vanez.

The Warm Up is designed to bring the campus closer together, one student at a time.

"Everybody here has made me feel so at home because I'm four and a half hours away from home so it's been a really cool experience to get to know everybody and see all the different organizations in the community come together like this," said Lorenz.

Missouri Western spends several months organizing the Warm Up every year with close to 4,000 students attending.

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