Subway Spokesman Shares Weight Loss Story

Published 03/04 2014 01:06PM

Updated 03/04 2014 11:03PM

(SAVANNAH, Mo.) When it comes to weight loss stories, there's hardly any one more famous than Jared Fogle.

In the late 1990s, Jared weighed more than 400 pounds as a college freshman in Indiana.

Since then, Jared took control of his life and became a spokesman for Subway, since part of his weight loss was eating two Subway sandwiches a day.

"I lost 245 pounds by those two Subway sandwiches, doing all that walking," he remembers.  "The folks at Subway got wind of what I was doing with some articles written about me locally in the newspaper back in Indiana.  The rest is history; they asked me to do a commercial about my story and here we are 16 years later."

And 16 years later, Jared the "Subway Guy" is still sharing his story.

This time it's with children at Minnie Cline Elementary in Savannah.

"I love coming to schools like this and speaking to the kids, sharing my message of making good and healthy choices every day, so that these kids don't wind up on the same path I went down myself," Fogle said.

Jared has travelled the country for more than a decade, telling his story in person to children of this age.

He says the goal is to fight childhood obesity.

"I was right at their age when I started making those poor decisions; we want to try and nip it in the bud at a young age.  If we can be proactive with these kids we're going to have a lot better results in the future," Fogle said.

Principal Troy Dunn echoes Jared's message about being proactive:

"It speaks volumes and the kids need to understand that a little movement and some healthy eating will really help them along the way," Mr. Dunn said.

The principal even got down to his gym shorts when an exercise session popped up during the assembly.

"I don't just want to say it, I want to be doing it too," Mr. Dunn said.  "If I'm doing it then I'm not modeling to them how important it is."

Jared says to the kids that without healthy eating habits, they could be the ones wearing pants with a 60-inch waist.

The local Subway franchises are sponsoring the Subway Fresh Start Challenge with the students at Minnie Cline.

The kids will document their habits for a two-week period.

When they mail their form in, they'll get coupons for free Subway sandwiches, and enter in a contest.

The grand prize is a two hundred fifty dollar Subway cash card and a thousand dollar fitness grant for the school.

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