Tanning Restrictions Considered in Kansas, Missouri

Published 03/19 2014 05:30PM

Updated 03/19 2014 11:17PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Lawmakers in Kansas and Missouri are pushing for stricter laws when it comes to tanning beds and teenagers.

"We do have teens that come in and want to tan we prefer parents come with them and know what they're doing," said Karen Neff.

Neff runs Tanfastic tanning salon in St. Joseph. She has been doing so for 25 years.

Although it's not required by law, all teens who come to Tanfastic must first sign a consent form before tanning in any tan bed.  Neff says it's important to make sure all teens are educated before tanning.

"They need to be educated in what they're doing and how they should do it," she said.

Lawmakers in Missouri are pushing to change laws when it comes to teens and tanning. They want to make sure anyone under 17 has permission from a parent before tanning.

Neff says it's not just about looking good it's also about taking care of your skin.

"If they've gone for a full day, they could absolutely fry their skin and do a lot of damage," said Neff.

Stacey Dye has been tanning since she was 16. Dye wishes salons would have had more information available when she was younger about the correct way to tan.  She thinks more salons should educate teens.

"I did get burned. When I was a teenager and tanned at other places, they'd let you go as long as you'd like. I even tanned up to 45 minutes at a time," said Dye.

She says that's why the push to change laws is crucial.

Neff says she doesn't get many teens in her salon, but if they come, she wants to make sure they understand the importance of being safe while tanning.

"We're very careful to help them not to do those types of things," added Neff.

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