Technology Could Help Families Track Loved Ones

Published 03/26 2014 10:40PM

Updated 03/27 2014 08:14AM

(PLATTE COUNTY) Families in Platte County will soon have access to a device that monitors loved ones who are prone to wander due to a medical condition.

Project Lifesaver is an initiative that helps track down adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer's, Autism and other related conditions or disorders.

The device is a transmitter that the family member with the medical condition would wear.

If a person goes missing, the family would contact the police department and give them the transmitter number.

Law enforcement would then plug the number into their receivers, and use radio frequency to help locate the missing person.

Officers say devices like this could help save lives.

"Technology like this is a tool that will help us reduce the search time for program participants because we would have a signal that would give us a direction in hopefully which to do," said Capt. Erik Holland, Platte County Sheriff's Office.

The program is $400 for the first year, which includes the transmitter and the subscription for the program, and $300 dollars after the first year.

The Platte County Sheriff's Office is working with groups in the area to assist families who need help with the cost.

Officers said there are approximately 900 families in the area with a family member who has a condition that makes them prone to wander.

The device will be available for families this spring.

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