Thief Steals Cattle From Farm

Published 06/12 2014 05:47PM

Updated 06/13 2014 12:13AM

(ATCHISON, Ks.) A Kansas farm community is on edge after someone stole cattle from a farm in Atchison.

"When you raise them from baby's they're part of your life, I mean you're attached to them. They're our livelihood," said Michael Fuhrman, a farmer from Atchison. 

Fuhrman says he still can't believe what happened to his neighbors. Monday night someone cut their fence and stole seven cattle from their farm.

Now that other farmers in Atchison are aware that someone is coming around stealing cattle, they say they're keeping a closer look at their livestock.

"I feel for them. You know they're high priced animals right now too. I'm sure that's what brought this on," added Fuhrman.
The Atchison County Sheriff's Department is investigating the case. They believe whoever stole the cattle may have been scoping the farm out.

"It's pretty secluded so you drive around enough you see that there's not very many residents around. That could make it pretty easy to do and you could see all directions and headlights and things like that," said Sheriff Jack Laurie from the Atchison County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say the owners told them eight others went missing last month but they didn't report it because they thought they had just wandered off.

Fuhrman says he runs about 250 cows on his farm at a time. He says he and others put in too much hard work to see someone steal and make a profit off their cows.

"I couldn't imagine. It's unfathomable to me but it's here. It happened," added Fuhrman.

Deputies say they don't have any leads other than a possible vehicle description but says farmers should be careful.

"There are game cameras and different type of motion cameras that you can buy now that don't have a flash that you could put up on your property to trap and least try to catch them if they are coming out there," stated Laurie.

The sheriff's department is asking the community to report and record any suspicious activity in the area. They say this is the first time this has happened in several years.

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