Tree Trimmer Returns to Work After Paralyzing Injury

Published 07/22 2014 03:48PM

Updated 07/22 2014 10:58PM

(MOUND CITY, Mo.) A life changing accident hasn't changed the way Michael Long goes about his work.

Long is the owner of Michael Long Construction.

He's worked in the construction businesses for more than two decades, but about four months ago his career flashed before his eyes when he fell from a tree branch.

"Landed on the back of my shoulder blades and broke my back in two places," said Long.

The accident left Long paralyzed from the waist down and he wondered if he'd ever work again but those thoughts didn't last long.

"From the time I hit the ground and knew I broke my back, I still knew I had my arms. And, I was always thankful, very thankful for that."

Long cut an estimated six month recovery time in half and was back on the job sooner than he thought.

"It's amazing the recovery that he's made so fast," said co-worker Trapper Davis. "Everybody's surprised to see him out in a wheelchair, let alone being in a machine, you know, working."

Long still uses the same machinery as everyone else.
He does need help getting in and out but says that's the least of his worries as long as he's doing what he loves.

"I try to have a fun outlook on everything. So, it was trial and error and kind of goofing around to try to figure out how to get us in there."

Long is still undergoing rehab but is expected to be done in a few weeks.

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