Two Winston Girls Ready for Service Beyond their Small Town

Published 12/19 2012 10:55PM

Updated 12/19 2012 11:03PM

(WINSTON, Mo.) In the small town of Winston, there is a growing level of patriotism starting with two girls who are inseparable.

"This whole summer, we hung out together a lot," said Jordan Davis, a senior at Winston High School. "One week she'd stay at my house. Another week, I'd stay at hers."

Next summer will be different, however.

Both Jordan Davis and Candice Eads are preparing to serve with the Missouri Army National Guard.

It will separate the two high school girls who are as close as sisters.

"But she'll be around for my senior year," joked Candice Eads, a junior. "That's all that matters."

Both girls talked about joining the military earlier this year.

After a little nudge from their recruiter, SFC Bobby Smith, two of Winston High School's nearly 80 students are preparing for the military.

"When ten percent of a class joins and there has not been that history here in Winston, these girls are hopefully trendsetters," said SFC Bobby Smith with the Missouri Army National Guard.

Since joining, the girls are getting a lot of support from their community of nearly 300 people.

The only struggle is finding out how to go through next summer apart.

"Whenever we were going to drill, she was like what should I bring," said Eads. "I was like there's a list of stuff to bring. She was like what if I forget something."

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