Winter-Related Flight Delays Add Up for Airlines, Travelers


Published 03/04 2014 11:53AM

Updated 03/04 2014 11:01PM

(CNN) This has been a record-breaking winter in many parts of the country, and the winter storms have done more than wreak havoc on travel plans. 

They have had a real impact on traveler's wallets.

According to masFlight, January's weather alone has cost passengers $2.5 billion - all due to flight delays and cancellations. 

If a customer's flight is cancelled, on average, it takes an additional 18 hours of travel time to finally reach the destination.

During that time, fliers rack up unanticipated costs like food, a hotel room, taxi, a rental car, not to mention lost productivity, all expenses the airlines do not have to cover.

FlightAware reports this has been the worst year on record for cancellations with nearly 90,000 cancellations since December, so many, travelers this year are feeling the pain financially.

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