Woman Creates Recipes for Second Harvest

Published 10/03 2011 07:22PM

Updated 10/05 2011 02:41PM

Atcha Rich is one of many customers at Second Harvest Food Bank.
Rich is unique though, each week she tries to create a new recipe with the food Second Harvest gives her.

Atcha Rich used to spend much of her time volunteering in the community, but after she became disabled due to several health problems, her doctor told her to start slowing down.

Over a year ago, she began receiving food from Second Harvest Food Bank, where she found another way she can help.

Each week she tries to create a new recipe with the food she's given at Second Harvest, and then share it with the food bank so they can distribute it to all of their other customers.

"I just felt like I wanted to be able to give back something, and I knew I couldn't go up there and volunteer, and it came to me: recipes," says Rich.

Rich says she loves to cook and began creating the recipes after just the first few weeks at Second Harvest.

She says she has to miss some weeks because of the pain Fibromyalgia causes her hands, but she's created over 50 recipes.

She has recently created a vegetable sandwich with guacamole and Greek yogurt sauce.

"Cooking something up, and creating it in your mind, and cooking it, and then seeing others enjoy it, or hearing, getting feedback from them, that they enjoyed it, it's just a joy, and a joy to create something," Rich says.

After doing this for so long, she's gotten a lot of positive feedback on her recipes.

"They'll say, when are you going to do some more recipes, especially the sweets. Everybody loves sweets," says RIch.

Rich also says Second Harvest has been a great resource to her and others in a time of need.

"You know a lot of different families, and single households, and senior citizens go, and it's just a blessing to have a place like Second Harvest to go to," Rich says.

Rich says this week she's submitting a recipe for the different fruits Second Harvest has been handing out.

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