Worth County Family Cleans Up after Tornado Damage

By Ronelle Williams | rwilliams@kq2.com

Published 07/01 2014 05:31PM

Updated 07/02 2014 11:25AM

(DENVER, Mo.) Monday evening's storms spawned a few tornadoes, including one in Denver, Missouri. 

Nick and Brenda Abplanalp were not at home when the storms hit, but they found plenty of damage when they returned.

"When we got back, we seen [sic] a tornado had come through and it pretty well tore everything up except the, well, it didn't tear the house completely down but it took the barn and several sheds," said Nick Abplanalp.

Even though the house is still standing, the high winds did a number on the inside of the home.

"A lot of damage inside, all the windows was blowed [sic] out and stuff sprung everywhere and we had a curtain rod stuck in the wall," said Abplanalp.

Some of their personal belongings are still being found as far as two miles away from their house.

"They're still finding stuff that we got gone, we don't even know where it's at.  Part of the buildings or, they ain't [sic] found them yet.  One wagon they found in a pond and another part of a wagon they found in a pond," said Abplanalp.

Ten years ago, Brenda had an antique store in Albany that was completely destroyed by a tornado. So, even though they've been through this before, it's still tough to deal with.

"We've been through a tornado before so we kind of knew what to expect but we just didn't expect it at our house.  It was somewhere else, you know, when it hit.  So we've been through the experience before but when it's your home it's a whole different, really different experience," Brenda said.

Amid the cleanup, a kitten was found and the community came together to help one of their own.
"In rural communities, everybody helps everybody.  We've done this everywhere in this area for years and most rural communities.  And if there's a need they just a come," said Brenda.

Brenda says their insurance deemed the house a total loss and they will eventually get a new one.  She did want a new house, just not in that way.  

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