Young Cub Scout Cleans Up Hyde Park after Finding Graffiti

Published 10/29 2012 02:46PM

Updated 10/29 2012 03:08PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Jonah Goeller, a local cub scout, is helping clean up a south side park.

Goeller, along with his father, went to visit the teepees at Hyde Park a couple weeks ago for a quick history experience.

"We went inside and one the first things he saw was all the graffiti on the walls," said Mike Goeller, Jonah's father.

Goeller knew he had to do something.

After getting approval from the city, Goeller and his father have been cleaning up the graffiti.

Jonah even has a message for the people vandalizing the park.

"I think we just need to paint this thing up and keep doing it until they give up," said Jonah Goeller.

Goeller plans to continue keeping up with the teepees as he transitions into the Boy Scouts.

Jonah and his dad were able to get the vandalism covered, though it took three coats of paint in most places.
The pair expects to make another trip to the park for a clean-up next Spring.

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