Young Girl Opens Up About Abusive Childhood

Published 04/04 2014 05:46PM

Updated 04/04 2014 09:23PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) "What I grew up with was police sirens and firefighters. I grew up with noises and screaming and yelling. She's been bloody and she's blind in one eye," said Brittan Wary, who grew up in an abusive home.

Wray has moved nearly 40 times in the past six years. She says she grew up watching men beat her mom and often hid in closets to protect her younger brothers.

"I'd always have a phone near me because I was afraid that she'd end up dying," stated Wray.

Wray says the worst incident happened when a man pushed her mom through a wall then down a flight of stairs, smothered her with a pillow then poured bleach on her.

She thought her mom wouldn't survive, so she wrote her a letter telling her how much she loved her and wanted her to live.

"It said mom if you roll over in a grave the next day, I will always be there every single day of your life," said Wray.

At 13, Wray says opening up about what she's experienced has helped her heal. She wanted to help her mom so bad, but knew she had to protect her siblings.

"If they tried to get in the middle of it I would always push them back because I cant let them get hurt. If it was going to be anyone getting hurt it would be me first because I wouldn't let them get hurt. They were a lot younger than me," added Wray.

Wray and her family are now safe and life a happier life. She says her past has made her stronger.
"If I could have gone through this I can go through anything," said Wray.

Wray wants to teach when she grows up. She says she wouldn't have been able to get through this without her teachers.

Brittany said, "I really look up to her and she was one of the reasons that I want to be a teacher and who I want to be."

Wray is so devoted to helping others, she started a group of her own- "Bode's Helping Hands".
"We do a lot of volunteering work and we go down to the YMCA and we just play with the kids. We also collect jewelry for that and are working on other projects," said Wray.  

She hopes others will step up and take a stand against domestic violence.

April is Child Abuse Prevention month. To learn more about the Northwest Children's Advocacy Center, click here.

To report abuse, call the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 800-392-3738.

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